Who is this blog for? Why we're using a "nerd-level" rating system.

We’re excited to share our thoughts about language science with anyone who will listen. But different posts will have different intended audiences. Some are aimed at other language scientists, while others are aimed at interested readers without a lot of background knowledge.

To give you a heads up about what you might be getting yourself into, we’re trying an accessibility rating system–a nerdliness rating, if you will.

1 nerd emoji  Everyone (interested in learning more)

2 nerd emoji  Dabblers (willing to put in some effort)

3 nerd emoji  Nerds (love to read about language)

4 nerd emoji  Experts (language science is their job)

Authors will indicate what kind of audience they’re aiming for with a nerd rating at the top of the post. Readers can also rate each post, which will provide useful feedback for the author as well as other readers.